Normal Pregnancy

High Risk Pregnancy


Normal Pregnancy :


Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase and also the most dangerous journey of life. most of the pregnancy are uneventful and fruitful which is called as Normal or Low risk pregnancy . A small minority of about 10- 15 % pregnancies are associated with medical or unique complication of pregnancy which we term as High risk pregnancy.


Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters.
1st trimester – is from the date of last period to 12 weeks of gestation. During this period the body undergoes certain changes to accommodate the pregnancy. During this period women are most symptomatic. Certain problems which can the expectant mother can encounter is –

Excessive vomiting – hyper-emesis.

Giddiness and black outs.


Vaginal and urinary infections.

Care during 1st trimester

Medication – folic acid tablets.

Scans – early pregnancy scan and NT scan.

Visits – generally once a month visit.

2nd trimester is from 12 weeks to 28 weeks of gestation . the major events during this period is that the expectant mother starts feeling the fetal movement which is called as Quickening between 20 – 24 weeks .

Care during 2nd trimester

Visits – generally once a month.

Medications – Iron and Calcium substitution is started.

TIFFA ( Targeted Imaging for Fetal Anomaly) scan done between 18 – 22 weeks.

Special sugar test GCT /GTT is done.

3rd trimester is from 28 onwards . this is the final phase of fetal maturation period .

High Risk Pregnancy :


90 % of all pregnancy are normal and low risk pregnancy. There are certain condition related either to the pregnancy itself or women’s medical condition which make the pregnancy High Risk or complicated to manage.

Condition during pregnancy which make it high risk are-

1. Multiple pregnancy – twin / triplet etc
2. Bleeding during pregnancy - placenta previa
3. Gestational diabetes
4. Hypertension during pregnancy
5. Anemia during pregnancy
6. History of recurrent abortion or bad pregnancy outcome .

Condition related to the expectant mothers general health before pregnancy which are frequently encountered –

1. Diabetes
2. Hypertension
3. Cardiac disorder
4. Pulmonary disorders
5. Renal disorders
6. Anemia and haemoglobinopathies ( thalassemia / sickle cell anemia)
7. History of cancer treatment